If you should be an avid follower of shaving your face, you already know the annoyances and expenditure that are included with acquiring a barber to get it done regularly. The reason why try to let some other person control that smooth appearance you need when you’re able to learn to shave your face with a razor during the comfort of your own home as often as you want?

Well, search no longer because we will walk you through the process. From getting the proper equipment to prep and actually getting to business, we’re going to breakdown just how to shave your head with a razor. Using our techniques, you will have the cleanest and smoothest head you ever before observed.

You need to learn to shave your face with a razor

You have most likely currently made the decision to shave the head. Whether you are shedding your hair, you love the design or some kind of special woman is looking the thoroughly clean look, you want to do it right.

Could sound intimidating. You simply can’t exactly see just what you’re undertaking and you’re probably having some flashbacks towards very first time shaving your face as a teenager.

Look, it isn’t really that bad of course you take your time and effort, make properly and follow our measures, you’ll be well on your way to that particular Vin Diesel or Jason Statham appearance.


Let’s begin with the gear you will need.

1) Prepare Yourself Utilizing The Right Tools

That is right, you are not likely to be in a position to shave your mind with a cooking area knife. If you prefer an effective shave then you will want to-be ready. It will just take two moments of out of your day, but once you’ve the tools needed then you’re ready.

Next time you’re from the shop, get this list to you:

  1. Razor
  2. Shaving cream (brush and soap are elective)
  3. Aftershave or balm
  4. Tepid to warm water
  5. Face towel
  6. Regular bath towel

Today, after seeing this record you may be considering, “okay, thanks exactly what razor would we actually get?”

We are steps before you child! We have done the research and discovered top head-shaving razors in the marketplace. No matter your allowance or choices, we have now worked through myriads of things and pointed you from inside the right direction.

Using a razor and knife makes a huge difference. That final thing need is knicks inside dome or scraggly hairs all around us since your shaver sucked. Women aren’t a big fan of either of the problems

Should you have a shaver or tend to be building a shopping cart of supplies, you will be eyeing within the many shaving ointments and soaps in the shops. Once again, we’ve got you covered when you are undecided what you’re taking a look at.

Ultimately, you are going to want to get a thing that sticks your head and reduces rubbing. Many people overlook this and it is the quickest strategy to shaver burn, dulling your knife very early or not receiving a detailed shave.

We promise you, just what it has the scent of isn’t a massive package but no lady, regardless of how great you smell, could permit that stubbled, rough head near them. So if you’re uncertain for those who have high quality in your medication case, take a good look at the breakdown of best shaving lotions to suit your mind.

Shaving your head doesn’t require you to definitely have tons of tools although methods you have need to work. Or even, you start yourself around cuts and uneven cuts — a couple of things no one would like to deal with.

2) Head Prep Is Actually Vital Step On Tips Shave Your Mind With A Razor

Therefore, you may have any methods by your restroom drain and they’re all ready going. Prior to you bring that shaver even one inch nearer to your head, you should prep the scalp.

You need to begin by trimming your hair down as close to the epidermis that you can — more or less to ⅛-inch. In that way, you are shaver blade has got to cut-through much less tresses also it appears a little more rigorous.

The concept is to obtain near right down to the scalp as soon as you shave so that you have that near, bald single doctors looking for love. Maybe not carrying out a little hair prep in advance will dull your knife quicker and give you an uneven slice.

When you’re carried out with the initial trim, moist your own head thoroughly with heated water. It willn’t scald you however if it is simply warm to touch, you’re not setting up the skin pores very well and you’re doing all of your epidermis a disservice.

Preferably, local plumber to achieve this is in the bath. If you are simply not feeling the bath, you are able to a wet washcloth or towel as an alternative. Position the bath towel in hot water, wash it and lay the bath towel over your own head, particularly on locations you’re going to be shaving. Maintain towel in your mind for around a short while, letting heat and dampness accomplish their job.

This will help get the hairs to face right up, reducing the possibility of razor lumps and ingrown hairs. Your whole concept of learning to shave your face with a razor correctly is to find a clean look females want to reach. Razor burn, ingrown locks and a lot of incisions actually that.

Since the scalp is prepped, we can proceed to the next thing.

3) Lubricant is actually Everything

It is today time for you lube right up that head of yours which includes shaving cream.


With a clear head, shaving ointment is very much a lube and so the shaver slides smoothly. According to which kind you are utilizing, you will have slightly different tips.

For canned shaving ointment, moving vigorously when you dispense is key. For anybody using shaving soap, you are going to wish a great and heavy soap right here. A shaving oil or serum wont foam, nevertheless these probably have actually unique guidelines it’s also important to follow on the container to make sure a great shave.

Whatever the sort, you’re wish implement pretty liberally however in a straight layer-on the head. It is not only probably maintain the shaver heading effortlessly, it is a marker of in which you’ve already bare. Very not having it clumped up in some spots keeps you regarding the right routes to prevent irritation by overshaving.

4) Get Simple When Using the Shaver

Using a shaver is a lot diverse from clippers. This means patience as well as force is a huge element here because you don’t have the protection clippers offer you.

Heading too quickly won’t cut perfectly, pressuring you to definitely need to do it multiple times. Going way too hard is a good solution to just take a chunk from the mind or give yourself razor burn. Either of these options is bad, very calm down.

As an alternative, allow shaver perform the do the job. A tiny bit firm pressure and regular motion are needed. The exact same you use for the face needs to be used right here as well.

5) Direction Things

Now that you’re ready to put the shaver to your head, we’ve got one more vital notice to the way you shave. This is exactly perhaps the most significant thing most men don’t even understand and also the first reason for troubleshooting a poor shave.

To begin with, shaving the head resistant to the whole grain provides you with the nearest shave. But shaving together with the grain will generate the lowest discomfort. Very, based how sensitive your own skin is and nearness of this shave desired, you’ll want to decide on the way of the shave yourself.

However, as a novice razor, we advice choosing the grain of your locks and seeing the scalp’s impulse.

You’ll be able to shave over a place more often than once, you need to find out that in the event that you achieve this, you’ll increase the standard of irritation with each shave. Thus, you only need to keep in mind that after you’re doing all your very first shave.

6) Begin From Side To Straight Back

Alright, is in reality time to use your shaver. This is the point for which you’re likely baffled. Don’t worry, there’s a technique we’re going to coach you on that will help you achieve an effortless and smooth shave.

You need to start shaving from front side of the mind therefore the slimmer tresses, towards the back and the heavier, coarse tresses.

Maintain your head slightly angled and so the skin from the back of one’s throat is actually tightened. This will allow the razor a tight surface to work with and trigger a much closer shave without any missed hairs.

Utilize the shaving lotion as helpful information for the shaver about what is hairless and just what has not. When shaving, overlap your own shaver somewhat on where you’ve currently shaved to ensure that you catch any straggler hairs from last move.

You are probably planning to wanna position some mirrors so you can understand straight back of mind. Even though you is capable of doing it by sense, you are prone to overlook some spots right back indeed there. Remember, the motion is actually flipped around when searching in a mirror therefore be cautious if you are creating sight manipulations regarding fly.

7) Cleanse The Shaver Often

This is exactly another vital step a lot of guys don’t get and it is among the first troubleshooting things to note on a negative shave.

Positively make the time to wash your own shaver after every stroke provide yourself a straight shave on straight back of your own mind. You might actually need certainly to rinse your own shaver in the center of each stroke, dependent on exactly how much hair you kept into the preparation level and how fantastic your own shaver blade is.

a clogged upwards razor won’t shave really after all, pushing that return back over a place many times. You’ll end up with shaver burn and tufts of hair staying. It isn’t an effective appearance and it will all be avoided by rinsing the razor usually enough.

8) Missed an area?

I know we have now stated you shouldn’t review a shaved area several times. But especially the first couple of occasions, you are most likely going to overlook some areas. It is totally normal until such time you get the sense of the curves of head.

However cannot just keep those places, meaning you are going to need to go straight back over them once again. To reduce irritation, you are going to must follow these steps entirely over again.

From wetting your head, applying the shaving cream with the places you missed and patiently shaving; you’re need scroll back into the very best.

Locations around the ears and sides of the head are easy to overlook, thus pay special attention truth be told there once you think you’re accomplished. It isn’t really an awful idea to make use of the hands to fully discuss your own dried out mind both in guidelines as soon as you think you are accomplished.

9) Treat The Skin

You’ve completed very first mind shave. See, it was not that difficult, right?

Now that you’re completed, you’ll want to address your skin layer since it is in shock. After shaving your head with a razor, you’ll want to instantly rinse your scalp with chilled water to be able to close the pores. After you accomplish that, pat your mind dry – never rub it.

Apply an aftershave cream or balm on your scalp to prevent irritability. Do your best pests Bunny feeling and provide your own scalp only a little therapeutic massage.


In general, exciting any time you choose an aftershave cream that’s alcohol-free, particularly if you have sensitive epidermis. However, we’ve hooked you up with a buying manual in the finest stuff to make use of towards freshly shaved mind. That also includes a moisturizer with an SPF with it to guard the scalp through the sun.

This could seem like some thing you are able to miss, in case you would like the greatest shave, you are going to might like to do this action. It’ll relax your own scalp and shield it from the elements so you’re able to present how great employment you only performed.

10) neat and maintain your gear

After your shave, cannot only leave your razor with dehydrated tresses stuck on it. Ensure you take several minutes to wash your equipment. In that way, the next time visit make use of your shaver, it won’t be rusty and dirty.

Should you happened to forget about to cleanse the shaver and it also does have rust onto it, you need to get a one. Do not check out your Tetanus chance by attempting to shave with a rusty, lifeless shaver. We’ve taught you better than that.

Learning how to shave your mind with a razor actually because difficult as you thought it to be.

Needless to say, the very first time you do it, you’re not will be great. But take a good deep breath and start to become patient. When you shave your face a couple of times, you’ll find out the model of your head together with greatest program to suit your mind.

The minute you master shaving the head, the girls comes running.